Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wrapping paper

Today is Nikki's birthday. (No, you mayn't ask.) Angharad loved the whole shebang of wrapping up gifts and signing her name on the card. Even more than that she loved the wrapping paper. She started off using it as a hat, then hiding her face in it, whipping it off and shouting 'Boo!!'

Nikki's gifts included some undies. Holding up a bra, Angharad signed 'what's this?'. Nik was in the shower, so I spent 5 minutes explaining 'breasts'.

Yesterday, we all went to Millie's 5th birthday party in Penylan Recreation Centre ('The Rec'); the first birthday party of the new school year. Excellent time had by all and the pics are up on "2010e" of the Picasa account for those with access to those secure photos.

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