Monday, 6 September 2010


Heart pounding, into third minute of calling "Angharad, where are you?" but getting no reply. I have looked under and in every object in every room of the house. The back and front doors are locked so how can she have escaped. Nikki by now searching too. Another minute passes. We are nearly very worried indeed. If she can't have 'escaped' she must be hurt. But where IS she? She is prone to make a beeline for open doors but none were open. Eventually after another 30 seconds, we hear the downstairs loo flush. She'd taken herself to the loo for the first time. That was the one room neither of us looked in (because it's the room that heretofore there was no way she would enter voluntarily). Big relief. Both adults also feeling very stupid. But why didn't the little madam answer our calls?!

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