Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hand puppets

James came over to play with Ace yesterday. They both like putting glove puppets on their hands/arms and pulling things off shelves and out of drawers. Most importantly they played well together and had fun! Here they are with the dragon and the monkey respectively.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Beeping toilet chips!

Lots to write-up but this will be an interim posting only. Angharad has taken to grabbing her mother's boobs, squeezing them and saying, in a loud and happy voice, "BEEEEP!!". Heh! (Thankfully, she's never tried anything similar with any of my body parts.)

This Monday morning, as usual, we offered Angharad the choice of doing her ablutions on the toilet (with her little-bum-sized seat placed atop to ensure she doesn't fall in) or using her potty (which offers her the scope to put it down at a place of her choosing, generally somewhere guaranteed to be underfoot). At first, she left us guessing as she wandered around with her little seat and her potty in either hand. So we were startled to hear her cry-out "stuck" in a bereft little voice...

Moving on swiftly, last week was half-term. Realizing that she hadn't had chips for ages I took Angharad to MacDonalds after taking her shopping with me. I undid her car seat-belt and asked her if she wanted to come into the front and sit in mammy's seat *, which she grinned at and popped over with alacrity. (* Editorial point: this isn't a sexist issue about the feller doing all the driving so The Mrs has the front passenger seat; it's just that my car is a manual and Nikki can only drive an automatic.) Anyway, I think she enjoyed...

Then it was All-Hallows Eve. Angharad and I scooped out a pumpkin, which we placed in the front porch so that other parents would know we were a fair bet for their trick-or-treating kids. Angharad loved the whole thing, especially when we lit a candle in the pumpkin, turned off the lights, and took her picture...

On Tuesday morning, as the kids were queuing up waiting for the school bell, it was a treat to see the tallest boy in Angharad's class lean down to her (he stands head and shoulders taller than her), put his arm around her and his head on her chest, giving her a lovely smile. I believe he has an autistic spectrum disorder so his ability and willingness to socialize and empathize so beautifully was a credit to him. This weekend another of her classmates, James - whom she 'loves'! - is coming over to play. I love watching the kids becoming, and remaining, friends.

In swimming last week the tutor told me that Angharad had done half a length on her own and that it was her best lesson to date. She has a float-jacket on but that is more an aid to buoyancy than any form of swimming short-cut. Swimming remains one of Angharad's favourite things.

Last thing for today. Last week the Ophthalmic department at the local teaching hospital signed Angharad off from their books. Her sight is absolutely normal and where it should be. She doesn't need adjustment or specs. We'll keep her looged-on with the University Ophthalmology department, as they have a special research interest in Down Syndrome, but we are obviously pleased for her.