Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Angharad and Caitlin

In the playground before collecting Angharad for the day just now, a friend of hers from last year's Nursery class, Caitlin, and her mam, Nicky, came over to see us on their own way home. Caitlin asked could she wait to see Angharad please. Earlier this summer, I had taken Angharad for a haircut at Errol Willy's. As we were leaving the salon we walked straight into Nicky, Caitlin and her elder sister. Literally. Angharad's immediate reaction was to beam, jump up, and say "aitli!!" Then she kissed her on the lips and the two of them had a lovely cwtch and huggle, which went on for some minutes, Catlin talking and Angharad signing and trying to talk too. This was mid- summer and we'd not seen Caitlin for 3 weeks. Not a long time, but clearly too long for both of them. Nicky told me later that Caitlin was "really made-up" that Angharad was so happy to see her. Lovely!

And so to today. When they saw each other the girls smiled broadly and gave one another a big hug. Caitlin tells Angharad how nice the latter's hair looks; Angharad says "ank doo" and reaches out to stroke Caitlin's plaits, then they walk off hand-in-hand. What a lovely age 4 is!

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