Monday, 6 September 2010

End of summer term 2010

End of term was a beautiful affair. The Nursery staff and kids put on a little concert for all the parents. It was lovely to see the class signing (as well as singing) songs, which skill they have learned because Angharad is in the class. A few words of thanks were spoken and I gave a gift to Angharad's helper, Mary, noting that at the start of the year Angharad was enjoying herself but was unable to say so. By year's end she could not only sign this, she could say so too. A few tears shed by more than one of us. One mum, Leah, herself a Year 4 teacher, told us that she thinks this has been the nicest and gentlest Nursery Class she has ever seen and that in part this was down to Angharad's presence and the other children's reaction to her. The day ended with a joint birthday party for Neo, Dylan and Dulcie and this was a perfect way to end the term.

Beth, Mrs Williams, a class helper told us that Angharad had made particular progress over the last 6 weeks of term. Her speech increased in complexity and in vocabulary. And "...she has real backbone that little girl, it will stand her in good stead, she's nobody's pushover"! Beth also said that Angharad now played with friends rather than alongside them and specifically mentioned Jack and Emmy in this regard. For her part, Angharad came up to Nik and me made us give each other a kiss and then insisted upon a family huggle. Nice!

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