Monday, 6 September 2010

Abi, Amy & Dulcie

A number of home-visits (to and from) saw us round off the holidays in style. Just a few pics to celebrate a lovely few days. When Dulcie came over it was expressly to help walk the dogs. She did a wonderful job walking Kyra by the lead for a long distance. Of course, soon enough Angharad and Dulcie were soon all over Nikki and Nikki's motorised wheel-chair. Dulcie's mam, Caroline, said that Nikki's and Dulcie's faces "were a picture when Angharad spun them around backward; very funny!" And the two girls really did play beautifully together.

When Abi and Amy visited it turned out they were less keen on the dogs (though they were almost enjoying playing with them by the end). For them it was dressing-up that was the highpoint. When other kids visit it is often Nikki's chair/stairlift that sees them trying to outdo Lewis Hamilton as they scream sedately up and down our flights.

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