Monday, 6 September 2010

Halen & Eli; Liane, Mannfred and Ida

Next up was Halen's 5th birthday party in Penarth. His mam, Eli, is one of the most remarkable and gifted women we know. Physically a gymnast, emotionally giving and secure, intellectually gifted and supremely practical. Her parents travelled around the world on their own yacht so we know where she gets some of her skills from. When we were pregnant we used to eat at TGI Friday's where Eli was waitressing. We got close and when ACE was born Eli and her friend Kelly gave Angharad a wonderful gift. Since then we've gotten to know each other better every year, visiting, going to each other's parties and family dos. Eli starts a psychology degree this autumn with the aim then of specialising in educational psychology. Oh yes, in the meantime she works with kids with learning difficulties at special schools and signs like she is as at home in Makaton as speaking English. And her boy Halen is as bright as his mam. Lovely people.

Previously we had gone to Ida's fourth party. Ida's mam and dad, Liane and Mannfred, are German. He's a research scientist working in Aberystwyth University and has been travelling weekly to and fro, though the family will all be moving to Aber soon now. Ida's a lovely little girl and Liane threw a spot-on party.

Ace and John jumping between and from soft-play toys. John is both robust in general and extremely gentle with Ace

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