Monday, 6 September 2010

Rhiwbina LD group

End of term also saw the end of Angharad's attendance at the Learning Disabilities Group which meets in Rhiwbina every Wednesday afternoon. This is run by Cath Giles on behalf of the City and the kids there have a range of physical and other difficulties. Angharad's part of a group of 7 or so who all started together three years ago and finished together this term. It's been an excellent forum and the kids have had great fun. Parents have found it a very supportive one too with friendships established. Nik and I have wanted Angharad to have a number of peer groups (family, school/class-mates, music, dance, swimming, and learning disability groups too).

Daisy is taking the picture while Angharad is signing "cheese". Very nice pic! 

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