Friday, 26 March 2010

Angharad's 4th birthday!

What a lovely party! Our thanks to all who helped  in its preparation and execution and, most of all, to everyone who turned-up and made Angharad's afternoon so special.From start to finish we all had a fine time. The food was varied, healthy and enjoyable both, the venue was safe and every inch of it was used. Angharad was the first in the gym and the last off it. There were very few tears from anyone and loads of laughter. The cake was ordered from M&S and we collected it on Friday. We put it away on a chair, in its box with its transparent lid, in the coldest room in the house, the conservatory. Then we locked the conservatory. (As we have to do the front and back doors now else ACE carries her step-box to the doors and opens them.) I heard a loud yell from Nik, who had allowed Angharad off her leash for a milisecond; Angharad had unlocked the door and sat on the cake. Luckily, as the pics attets, it survived but the panda bears and elephants got a little squished for all that!

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