Friday, 2 April 2010

A good Friday

We've been opening presents all week. Fair dos to Angharad, who has not rushed into doing it all at once but has shown restraint. It's meant that she's been able to enjoy each gift in turn. It's wonderful, the kindness of friends and family. Without exception, everyone has made and/or given Angharad cards and gifts that they've obviously thought about, ones they've thought Angharad would find specific pleasure in. Thanks will be winging away more formally soon enough, but this was just to convey a more general and no less heartfelt 'thank you' to everyone who has helped make this such a lovely week for Angharad. I attach two snaps to catch the mood - Angharad in Peppa Pig hat and shades (thanks Sofia!), that fair tickled her pink, this morning!

And one of Angharad in Fairy cozzie (thanks Pat and Paul) and hair-tie finger and toe-adornments (thanks Halen)!

Here's Princess Angharad with her tiara and every princess's must-have poodle taking a walk (thanks Caitlin!).

Here is Angharad enjoying her new bicycle bell (thanks John), tiara (diolch Caitlin), and pom-poms (you chose wisely Charlie!)

And here is Angharad indulging in a little home economics, courtesy of and thanks to Elena and Sophia!

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