Sunday, 21 March 2010

From "The Redbreast" by Jo Nesbo (2000); English translation by Don Bartlett, 2006;; p. 236):

"...Perhaps he should buy a boat so that he could take Dad and Sis out to sea in the summer? The man who had once been so sociable had become a loner since Mum died eight years ago. And though Sis didn't get far under her own steam, you could often forget that she had Down's Syndrome. A bird dived with glee between the containers. The blue tit can reach a speed of twenty-eight kilometres an hour. Ellen had told him that. A mallard can reach sixty-two kilometres an hour. They both managed equally well. No, Sis wasn't a problem; he was more concerned about his father."
I am very optimistic about Angharad's future.

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