Friday, 26 March 2010

Easter bonnets

We had Angharad's annual review meeeting with the School Head, SENCO, Nursery teacher, SNHV and S&LT in the last week. We all agreed that the recommendation to the LEA (its a day for acronyms, a.p.o.l.s!) would be that Angharad remain at Marlborough and attend its Infants School from September 2010, maintaining links with her current peers as they enter Reception Class, but attending the Specialised Resource Unit where she will benefit from improved ratio of teacher:pupil ratios and specialised support to reflect her particular learning needs. We hope that the LEA will agree.

Anyways, its Easter Bonnets and Bows time today with a Parade to which parents are invited before the class breaks up for its two-week easter break. I think Angharad now has five birthday parties to attend in this priod, starting with her own which will be held at Ants in Ya Pants on Newport Road ( on Sat. 27th March. On her actual birthday family and other close friends will be visiting her at home.

A few snaps are attached, with more to be added later!

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