Friday, 26 March 2010

More parties (ongoing...)

This will be updated regularly over the next few weeks. First a few snaps from Aby's and Amy's party last week, then some from Stephen's do. Then snaps from other parties as they arise. We'll start a separate post for Angharad's parties with friends and family on her actual birthday.

The next two snaps come from Lilia's party (shared with her older brother, Seth) and Annie and Lena's party. The former had a wonderful 'disco' which was nicely aimed at ages 4 through 7 and his details are attched too (I reckon this guy could cover all ages and occasions from tots to adult parties). Angharad had her first-ever face-paint (a butterfly, for the record! The latter was held at Parc indoor/outdoor adventure play facility. Our first time there and it was very impressive.

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