Thursday, 8 April 2010

"She's her father's daughter all right!"

Thus spake Nikki on entering the kitchen to find that Angharad had just emptied out her bucket of Play Dough onto the mat. It wasn't that she'd tipped it up and dropped the contents on the floor. Nik was taken by the fact that, untutored and unguided, Angharad pulled each piece out in turn and then lined them up according to size and function. Ordered, tidy and functional. Now Angharad's dad, your correspondent, may not truly qualify as worthy of any of those adjectives. But, at a surface level at least, I was once known as being miles tidier than either of my two younger sisters at home; and I am just a tad structured and methodical; and when I was seconded to the Welsh Office, - the heart of the civil service, which taught the world bureaucracy, my peers did call me 'The Library' 'cos I could always summon the relevant fact, article, detail or whatever. (I'm not always sure that they were being complimentary. Strange that.) My saving grace is that all that goes out the window when I follow one of my hunches, urges or whims. Still, I am glad to see that The Girl has inherited natural common sense ;)

Pictured below are the empty Play Dough buckets and two quickly-taken snaps of Angharad's ordered world.

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