Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A busy weekend

A Saturday party in the local church hall for Sophie's 4th birthday, a Sunday party across town in PARC for Emily's 4th, interspersed by a visit of Lydia, Joel, Deb and Gary to us for Saturday night and Sunday brunch. An absolutely lovely time during each of these events! Interesting was Angharad's reaction to the clown who performed at the first party. He came on in normal clothes, slowly putting on the kit and nose, whilst having a series of 'disasters' (legs falling off his table, tellings things to 'stay' that then would move, boxes falling flat, etc.). The other kids' reaction to these disasters was ribald laughter; Angharad was upset. Each time the clown told an object to 'stay' Angharad would look at it, point her finger and say 'stay' too. Each time it moved/jumped or whatever, Angharad got more and more upset. Eventually she cried and had to sit on my lap for reassurance.

Angharad  certainly plays 'with' rather than just 'alongside' her age-peers now. But it remains hard for her to be fully interactive and equal because she cannot yet use words sufficiently adeptly to respond to or direct events. When other kids visit her here this is better but still an issue. However, when adults play with her she is directive and responsive and in control. I suspect this is because adults are more responsive to her needs and subtly react so as to allow her to maintain control, whereas kids might give up, get cross or simply go off on their own.

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