Sunday, 6 December 2009

A lollipop in Ross

We visited our friends Deb, Gary, Oliver, Joel and Sirius this weekend. Thanks to all for a wonderful time. Angharad had her first ever lollipop, which she shared with Sirius the Scottish Deerhound. Very proud of Angharad as she was happy being just one among many and didn't demand to be the centre of attention or suchlike (even though she often was, which was a different thing entirely!). It struck Gary and Deb how much easier things seemed for Angharad at meal-times - sitting down at the 'big' table without need of special high chairs and without fear of thrown crockery. I guess one can miss such changes when being with her routinely. Pics of Angharad and lollipop and an older pic of Angharad with Sirius are attached.

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  1. some lolly!... me I like orange ones... I wonder if Angharad does too....