Saturday, 26 December 2009

Christmas with a Swansea flavour

Each generation develops new practices that get repeated and before you know it a new familial custom has been adopted, accepted and anticipated with relish. For us such a 'new custom', to risk oxymorony (or maybe just morony in my case, after too much wine and fine food), is travelling to Swansea to have xmas lunch with Jan, Rob and their boys (read: 'young men' now) Nick, Liam and Alex. In the evening we have been invited to stay over for an evening party and the festivities generally end late Boxing Day afternoon after watching the Ospreys (their rugby team) whup arse on the Scarlets (my team) on TV. Angharad has sooo much fun 'cos everyone plays with her but treats her respectfully as the little independent miss that she already is. Each of Nick, Liam and Alex are fine athletes and at one point Angharad was passed between them as if she was a rugby ball. Needless to recount she loved it. A couple of pics of the event are attached. Next highlight will be Monday when we take Angharad to see her Taid (Welsh grand-dad), aunts, uncles and cousins in Rhoose. I feel tired already; not a problem for Angharad!

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