Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A good heart

Angharad today was signed-off by her Cardiologist, Dr Dirk Wilson. Having had open-heart surgery at 16 weeks old and been reviewed regularly since, culminating in today's final annual visit, Dirk said that there are no holes left in the heart, that her lung-pressure is normal, and that she is well enough to be discharged from his care. More than that even, she isn't really at any greater risk than anyone else; for example, in terms of the pre-emptive H5N1 jabs, she isn't in the first tranche any more, just the 'child under 5' group. To lapse into the demotic for a moment: RESULT! Our thanks to all the medical and nursing and outreach staff and helpers, families and friends, who have brought our little girl to today's excellent news.

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