Friday, 5 December 2008

Hello, welcome and testing

Well, and welcome! This is me test-driving Google Blogspace. I don't know what I'm going to say or how often I'll be saying it. If there's a 'point' to this it stems from the fact that Nikki, my wife, and I brought Angharad Evans (ACE) into the world in March 2006. Nik was 43 and I was 48 (yep, that makes me a recent 50 and the 'point' probably that I'm in denial about a mid-life crisis). Angharad has been a blast, which proves Cap'n Jack Harkness's point that "the 21st century is when everything changes". (A "Torchwood" reference there for the unbelievers in our midst - appropriate because, like me and mine, it's based in Cardiff, Wales.)

When I first started looking after Angharad I remember reading one of those 'Help' articles in a Sunday paper aimed at reassuring parents, well at mothers primarily. A scrummy-mummy wrote a page of "It's OK if..." stuff, one of which was "It's OK if you are still in your dressing gown at 2 in the afternoon". Angharad is now two and two-third years old and today is the first time that that advice has actually been useful. Its 1630 hours and here I am in my pyjamas still. Mind you, that's not so much down to the perils of parenthood as to the frustrations (and addictive allure) of blog creation and website development: I've been putting this off for ages. Enough for now, this was just to get up and going.

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