Saturday, 6 December 2008

Parties and problems

We took ACE to an xmas party given by Liz, who runs "Music with Mums (and Dads!)". Nik and I were both told, by different people, that Angharad is the liveliest little child they know, without exception. I guess she is more than making up for her first few months, when it was all she could do to eat and breathe. It was a lovely party. An Xmas Bear (an adult in a bear suit) was the guest of honour. When Liz brought the bear in Angharad ran across the room signing 'bear' then sat at its feet, on its lap and generally falling for it big time. I must remember never to let her loose near real brown bears.

We've also booked her into two new classes for the new year - Tatty Bumpkin (I'll elaborate in the future), and Tumble Tots (gym, movement and such like).

The rest of the afternoon has been spent using feedback from friends about the website that runs alongside this Blog. One annoying issue is that some text appears underlined once published, text which is completely unformatted when I prepare it. What's more, there is inconsistency between pages but I haven't yet been able to use this inconsistency to establish the cause of the problem. Nor have I found a way of uploading pics which I can then add pic-specific text to. Pah! I'm sure the problem lies with my use of the Google software not with its engineers' coding! Maybe I should just swallow the bullet and use Front Page or Content Management Software and get into the 'gubbins' behind the site? We'll see. For now, Google has at least got me started, which is no small thing given that Angharad was born in 2006.

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  1. Improving all the time....the site I mean and the blogg not you!