Friday, 12 December 2008


ACE woke up unwell this morning. Not that 'woke-up' is a good description since she spent five hours today asleep on me. It happens so rarely these days that it was quite a treat; except that she was obviously under the weather and vomiting-up any food, milk or dioralyte we got down her. GP said there was nothing obviously wrong though he took some samples and is referring her onward to have her reflux reviewed. Again. Takes it out of you, though, when kids are unwell. Nik's now crashed out on the sofa and I'm about to do the same on the other sofa. Still, made a new friend yesterday from Gwent, got back in touch with an established friend up in Glasgow. and with another in Cardiff. Despite running around or being a mattress for Angharad, I also sent out this year's xmas cards over the last 24 hours. Hope they go down well as I've tried a new approach this year.

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  1. Tough being a Dad.... site and blog much better....on site too many pics the same especially on the heart surgwery page...