Monday, 18 October 2010

What use big beds?

A complaint. Angharad: you may read this when you are older. One day you will meet someone you love and want to spend your life with. When you do you will have an exciting time choosing a home and furniture to fill it. When it comes to sleeping just buy a single bed and mattress. Last night your mam and I let you into our bed because you were very unsettled and had been refusing, or unable, to sleep for hours. We have a super king-size bed. Very large, lots of room to cuddle yet acres of space to sleep without elbows in one's back. Mam had a cold last night; no sooner did she fall asleep than she would cough or sneeze or squeak and wake us all up. So mam went to sleep in the spare bed. You'd think that would leave you and dad plenty of room to sleep? Nahuh! Were you a sheep-dog in another life; corralling and chasing things into small spaces where they didn't really want to go? Every time I moved further away, so we could both sleep safely and unencumbered by worries about being squashed, you would land a hand on my nose or a knee in my back. We ended up sleeping on a tiny island of that great continent of mattress. Fair dos, you slept like a log. I barely slept at all. Thank you and goodnight, dad.

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