Friday, 15 October 2010

Awarded A Leaf!

Caroline, a fellow parent just texted us: "Hi W and N, don't know if you know but A got a 'leaf' from [the Head teacher] in assembly today - D&C [Caroline's kids] have just said! I don't know if you know but leaves are given to a few children for achievements/kindness/good behaviour/work etc each week. A's was (according to C [Caroline's son]) for kindness to others and settling in well. Well done Angharad!"

No mention was made of this in her home-school communications book nor did her teachers mention it when we picked her up today. If they had we could have asked A about it in ways that would let her tell us; but she's not yet able to volunteer such news to us herself. So, more details next week when the staff fill us in. But we are very proud of her. Well, we are invariably proud anyways but... you know how we feel! Another friend of hers, Charlie, had once said to his mam that Angharad was the kindest child in the nursery class and that he wouldn't mind his mum making him stand on the naughty step because Angharad would always come and be nice to him.

Caroline also works part-time helping at the school. When Angharad sees her in the corridor she smiles and shouts out Caroline's daughter's name for all she's worth - obviously because we usually meet them all together. Putting meat on the bones of our partial knowledge of Angharad's play-time activities, Caroline says that ACE plays with her friends from last year's nursery class who are now in Reception Class 1, and also joins with the girls from Years 1 and 2 on occasion. Apparently she's the one member of the Special Needs kids who relishes being in the wider playground and mixing with the wider group.

I can't beat how Caroline's text signed off so I'll simply repeat it verbatim: "I was really chuffed when I heard! They are called out and have to sit on a bench at the front. My daughter got one for 'helping in her class' and we chatted about it over tea and then they {Caroline's kids] both said together about A! Have a lovely weekend!"

Here's a picture of Angharad with Caroline's lively and lovely daughter:

More from me over the weekend.

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