Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Parties and best friends

Two little girls told me last week that Angharad is their best friend. It matters not that tomorrow may see some other child taking that role and another the next day. My heart burst with happiness that, at that moment, Angharad had the role. What's more they were both little girls she obviously likes to be with and, had she the words, I am sure she would want to say are among her best friends too. How come as we get older we keep such emotions closer to our chests? Is it because we have 'grown-out' of 'best' friends, or is it because we have just gathered-up so many friends, or is it simply that we assume our 'best' friends know who they are and that we are embarrassed to make a fuss?! Anyways, a few pictures from Sofia's lovely party last Saturday.

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