Sunday, 24 January 2010

A fun weekend. On Friday Angharad and I visited the dad (Andrew) of one of her classmates (Stephen), who has a Roland Digital Drum Kit. This is a great deal of fun, as I can attest. Angharad thought so too (see picture). She has headphones on through which she can hear the sounds that she is creating. Through these it sounds exactly as if the drummer is live on stage. The kit comes with built-in music (of every conceivable type) and with the facility to mute the drums on the track and play along oneself. It also allows the drummer to follow the drums on the  music track and assesses accuracy of performance. VERY clever!  And for the cognoscenti amongst you, here is a demo of how the drum kit might sound in expert hands:

Then today (24.01.10) we went over to Amanda and Hatel's place for afternoon tea with their three kids, Aaron, Mya and Asha. I think Aaron is Angharad's very best friend. From their earliest days they have recognised each other and always played and hugged beautifully. Today they went off upstairs and were floating boats in the bath. Here is a pic of the two of them sharing one of a long series of hugs and kisses; typically, while Aaron has eyes for Angharad, she manages to spot the camera and spare it a glance!

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  1. Love the drumming pic
    Hope you've had a great weekend Andrew & Lisa.