Thursday, 1 October 2009

Two weeks into Nursery School

How to tell whether Angharad is enjoying nursery school? After breakfast this morning she signed to Nikki demanding, more or less, that her raincoat be found so that she was ready to go; then she went to get her school-bag and  carried it to the front door, where she waited impatiently for me to catch-up. No 'creeping unwillingly to school' for her. Secondly, when I got her to school,  much earlier than usual!, she and her friend Sophie gave each other huge hugs and then sat down next to one another talking, pointing at sunflowers and happily swinging their legs back and forth. Then, mid-morning, we had a phone call from Mary, Angharad's Helper, telling us that she was so excited that writing this up in our School/Home Liaison book was insufficient communication. Angharad had worked hard today and was saying, not just signing, a whole host of two or three word phrases. Since starting nursery on 17th September, we have seen a significant increase in her signing of of two-word phrases and a  similar increase in her attempted pronunciation of single words. Her Speech and Language Therapist, Wendy, has given Mary and us exercises and games to work through with ACE and they are clearly having some effect already. These include the Mulberry Bush game, and a Springy Spiders game. Add to these a foam cube wrapped in plastic casing into which pictures or words are slotted and we are currently in Low Tech language heaven! 

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